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Ever considered getting a smart plug? If you’re new to smart home automation, then smart plugs are
a good way to introduce yourself to the perks of having a responsive home that makes your life
easier; with the added benefit of not having to go the full mile investing in a smart home system to see
the results (unless you want to, of course).

A Smart Plug is a Great Way to Test the Waters

Smart devices tend to be more expensive than their non-smart counterparts. It can also be quite an
investment to get rid of all your traditional devices and appliances in order to invest in a new set of
smart devices and appliances. However, a smart plug allows you to bypass most of that hassle if you
just want to enjoy the basics of smart home technology. How? Read the next section to find out.

What’s the Magic of a Smart Plug?

It can instantly transform your normal power sockets into an intelligent outlet, thereby converting any
appliance that is plugged into it into a smart device while it’s being used via the smart plug.

What Features Does it Offer You?

For one thing, you will be able to turn any appliance that is plugged in via the smart plug on and off remotely. All you have to do is have a smart device like your phone on you and be connected to Wi-Fi. Then you will be able to control whether your normal appliance is powered on or off via the smart plugin this way, your normal appliance becomes a smart appliance that you can control from anywhere in the home or outside of it. Think of the iron for example. If you’re in a hurry for an event and have just realised that you have forgotten to switch it off after you arrive at the event venue, with just a tap on your smartphone, you will be able to turn the iron off as long as it’s connected to the power outlet via the smart plug.

Another feature that you can make use of with a smart plug is the timer function. You can use this to set how long you would like an appliance to be turned on for. Taking the iron example again, you could set it to be on for 15 minutes; then, after this time has elapsed, the smart plug would automatically turn off your iron, thus saving you energy as well as preventing any fire hazards. If you’re someone that often forgets to turn appliances off, this could be a life-saving feature. The smart plugs we offer come with a manual knob that can be used to access the timer function directly; alternatively, you could control the timer function via a smart device such as your smartphone.