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Looking for curtain designs ideas in Sri Lanka?

The role of curtain has become more dramatic today whereas it functions in dwelling today more than what they meant for. Curtains were initially used to filter and absorb the natural light and make an soothing feel inside the premises.

But the curtains today present with more character    and appeal as they use as a decoration that’s more that filtering sunlight and keep the inside premise cool and soothing. In this case interior plays a huge role by introducing enormous amounts of beautiful and distinctive curtain designs.

Simply called as window dressings in interior style, curtains are having a mind blowing effect and impact on upgrading or degrading the appeal of the room. Hence, if you are making attempts to improve your in-house experience it’s also important to also focus on adding the right and the most suitable curtain design to your dwelling, in the way in which curtain reflects extravagance, style and the character of your room.

To add more impression and value to your space, try to get some customized curtain designs to get a better finishing and make an instant upgrade to your precious space.

Here we have listed some of the eight amazing curtain designs for your reference which will help you to get more more insight of how to fill your space with luxury, beauty and style just by making an simple addition of inspiring curtain designs. Take a look and below and see what mostly inspired your expectations.

Curtain Design Idea 1

Curtain Designs Ideas in Sri Lanka

The first design that we bring to you from our collection is all about luxury and extravagance. It’s mostly suit for those who fond of continuing the curtain traditions.

The curtain style added here looks more beautiful enhancing the aesthetic value of the room at the same time. The most inspiring about the design is, it merges well with the atmosphere of the room without distracting the hues and the appeal added.

What makes the curtain more eye catching is the presentation of its vibrant colors, which reflects gold, beige and bronze tones. This is one of the finest examples of how the right curtain designs can contribute the appeal of the room.

Curtain Design Idea 2

Curtain Designs Ideas in Sri Lanka

If you like to play a little bit of contract colors, this is one of the perfect examples how they look on a luxury set up. The design is flawless. And is bringing an instant upgrade to a typical housing set up.

The curtain design here is more reflecting. A fine understanding where the contemporary sets blends with modernity. If you carefully take a look you will love the way how the curtain design has invaded the complete part of the wall, and is such a revolutionary curtain design for day to day curtain designs that we get to see in the context of Sri Lankan interior designs.

Curtain Design Idea 3

Curtain Designs Ideas in Sri Lanka

Here we are moving to the third design in our list. If you are looking for more unique curtain designs to add your premise, check for this design and see the impact it makes.

The inventive pattern that has added to the wall of the space has remarkably spread across the curtain design as well as well and produce spontaneous scene to the room.

The colors that are added to the curtain design are inspired by sophisticated shades and tones which is a chic blend of ash, grey, beige and bronze tones. Similar to the previous curtain design, the curtain design presents here also spread across an extensive area. And is more suiting for pensive house set ups.

Curtain Design Idea 4

Curtain Designs Ideas in Sri Lanka

Moving to the fourth design from the list, is another sample for inspiriting curtain design which is a bit unique and outlandish from the portfolio. The design has more impressed by artistic expressions where as the design has more influenced by far eastern interior highlights.

The curtain design is absolutely an outstanding. There are so much of things to admired, specially the intimate artwork that portrays in the curtain design.

If you would like to change your design time to time in order to bring a complete different vibe to your space without changing the setting of the room probably this would be the most appropriate design that will suit your expectations.

Curtain Design Idea 5

Curtain Designs Ideas in Sri Lanka

We have also brought out here a stylish curtain design that you can add to your bedroom. The curtain design you see here is filled with delicate and detailed patterns that projects a series of tempting and amiable mood to the room, which makes you soothe you by the first glance itself and is right suit for a beautiful bed room. Even though the designer has used same tone to celebrate each and every detail in the room it doesn’t create any tedious or monotonous look.

Curtain Design Idea 6

Curtain Designs Ideas in Sri Lanka

Most love to add shades of blue to a space and see the beauty it brings to the space. The space looks cute with the addition of monochromatic blue tones. It improves the appearance and so as the style in the room.

The way that the designer added a few layers of blinds to complete the design is really interesting as it has filled with different shades as well as different materials whereas the diversity works all together to produce one solid impression to tempt the vibe in the room.

Curtain Design Idea 7

Curtain Designs Ideas in Sri Lanka

For anyone who prefers bright colors and would like to add a highlight to the space there you go with this elegant curtain design. It positively reflects a regal feel to the room as well stands as an excellent upgrade to any type of in-house setting. If you would like add some festive touch to a room, specially for a living area insert this design and let us know how it works in your settings.

Curtain Design Idea 8

Curtain Designs Ideas in Sri Lanka

The last design is identified as one of the most intimate features that you can add to your room. It looks beautiful at the same time is a unique curtain design concept that is completely different to contemporary interior designs that you get tto see in Sri Lanka.

Check for the above listed designs and see how you can convert your previous space to an appealing one.

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