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In-wall switch(single live)


Based off of Zigbee protocols, the in-wall switch is a smart switch which is compact and can be installed into traditional switches giving it an intelligent upgrade making it a smart switch panel.

The switch can be controlled either by physically pressing the switch panel or by using ORVIBO’s HomeMate app on your phone to remote control it.


Product Name:In-wall Switch(Single Live)

Product model: R20W2Z

Working voltage: 110-240V, 50/60Hz

Load range: incandescent / halogen MAX 200W / road;
LED / fluorescent MAX 100W / road

Product size: 46 × 50.5 × 18mm

Communication protocol: Zigbee

Working environment: temperature -20~60°C; humidity ≤80%

Load type table:

Load type Maximum load
Incandescent/halogen lamp(resistive load) 200W
LED light / fluorescent light(inductive or capacitive load) 100W