Covid Update: All Shinrai Lanka Staff are Now Vaccinated!



Shinrai Lanka (Pvt) Limited is the successor company of Maspro Lanka (Pvt) Limited and it is established in 2019 under Japanese principles as it name portrays. The company is located in Homagama, Sri Lanka, a 20 km drive from Colombo. Shinrai Lanka is headed by Managing Director, Mr. Nishan Fernando; a young entrepreneur who completed his higher education at the University of Sheffield, U.K., and then trained under Japanese leadership to be groomed to the leader that he is today. He is assisted by Director, Mr. Shelton Fernando who is a veteran in the field of business and electronics exports in Sri Lanka. The operation of the company is broken down into two parts – trading and projects.


Shinrai Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is the successor company of Maspro Lanka (Pvt) Ltd which was established in 2010 . The company envisions to enrich the lives of Sri Lankans by providing innovative products for an economical and efficient living. Shinrai’s operations cover a diverse range of products and services ranging from Extra Low Voltage solutions to Terrestrial Signal Receiving Equipment. Being true to their name, the core value of Shinrai is relationships based on trust, whilst striving to provide holistic solutions to their customers with innovation, excellence, leadership and teamwork.


Shinrai’s vision is to be the preferred supplier of innovative products and services that enrich the lives of those living in
Sri Lanka.

At Shinrai we pride ourselves in the trust our clients place upon us that we foster by forming strong bonds and designing personalised plans to suit each client; we believe maintaining longterm loyalty, and not merely a short-term association.


A smart home will provide you with safe, comfortable and efficient solutions. This will save you time for what you love and provide you with a peace of mind along with the assurance of technology built to keep you abreast with the change in times.

Everyone should benefit from a smart home. As homes evolved to include electricity in the past, a smart home is the next step in upgraded living to suit your life today.


Shinrai Home Automation provides complete home automation solutions for apartments, villas, offices and hotels. Based on IoT, AI and cloud computing technology, we make home appliances and multiple devices connect together and become a smart home. With our products, you can now have smart lighting, smart curtains, security and many more.



Cooperate and work together for the common good of the team served and the company’s mission


Strive to show value, create an experience and exceed customers’ trust and expectations


To create vision, inspire others, collaborate and recognize that every interaction is an opportunity to make a positive impact on others

Innovation & Excellence

Encourage innovation, adapt to change and understand that excellence is not a destination; it is a continous journey with no end