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ZigBee Smart Hub


Make your home a Smart home with the Zigbee Smart Hub by connecting it to your home internet. Allowing you to keep a track of and monitor your home status, control your home appliances and maximise efficiency for all devices that utilise our Zigbee based switcher, light bulbs, dimmers, outlets and security products.


Zigbee is secure, stable and reliable. The Zigbee Smart hub is a wireless device that connects to all home appliances to one another. But you don’t need to worry, in case one fails the other products will still continue to communicate without any interference.
The Zigbee hub supports two-way communication.

With ‘Simple Connect’ technology established by ORVIBO, the Zigbee compatible devices are automatically searched for and are connected to with no networking configuration complications or code pairing. Supports the control of curtains, TV, air conditioning, lighting and more!


Model No.: VS10ZW
Size: 88*90*27mm(L*W*H)
Power supply: 5V/1A
ZigBee spec

Communication protocol: ZigBee HA
Networking mode: ZigBee automatic networking
Wireless standard: IEEE 802.15.4
Working Frequency:2.4GHz
Working Channel:11,14,15,19,20,24,25
Modulation mode: OQPSK
Encryption: AES128
Communication rate: 250Kbps
Wireless transmitting power: ≤18dBm
Wireless receiving sensitivity: ≥-90dBm