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Smart Office Solution in Sri Lanka


GreenOffice Automation is designed for joint offices, small and medium enterprise.


It is a management system that enables the remote access of lighting, air conditioners, access control and other devices, and in addition monitors the power consumption. All devices within the system can be integrated with several levels of administrator rights to enable a highly secure solution. This office system can make and optimize kinds of energy saving strategies to save the power and reduce overheads. With the current protection and electricity usage warning, it provides users the safe, convenient and energy-saving working places. Contact Shirai Smart Homes for smart office solution in Sri Lanka.

Office Management Problems

Energy wastage

Low efficiency

Electricity protection

Makes Energy Management Safer

Power statistics

Precisely detect and record the energy usage of every cable, and control the operation status.

Timing on/off

Timing on/off control function applying to the timing control demand of working places and schools.

Customised electricity protection

Users can customize the current protection range; from 2A to 25A. shut down automatically if over the set current.

Abnormity alarm

Set up the operations of the distribution box operations including alarming method, and customized control order, such as app notifications and phone call warning.

More Efficient Management

24H energy monitoring

Monitoring the office energy consumption by departments, districts and dates. Accurate analysis and statistics for daily, monthly and annual data.

Energy-saving strategy

The cloud server will record the energy consumption status, by means of mass data operation for analysis and optimization, to provide with the targeted energy-saving solutions for companies.

Smart scenes strategy

Timing function of smart scenes decreases the standby cost during the off-work time. Automatically adjust the working status of lighting and AC according to the environmental conditions to make it more comfortable thereby saving energy.

User authorization management

Authorization is specially classified for administratora and users only. It could also be classified to control different devices in different office areas.

Greenoffice System Features And Advantages

Advanced smart lighting

Turn on/off the lights according to the environment; timer setting and auto light adjsutments; & save power!

No wiring and low cost

System adopts Zigbee wireless technology, with easy installation, low cost maintenance, and applicable to a variety of offices both for pre-installation and post installation.

Pre-fire warnings

For over usage of the air switch.