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Smart Hotel Solution in Sri Lanka


WeHotel is a smart management system developed for hotels based on the latest IOT and mobile Internet technology.

The hotel master management has the capability of having intelligent interactions and backstage management all by using a simple user app platform.

With the integration of WeHotel, customers will experience a more comfortable, modernised and fashionable stay at the hotel, all while improving the hotels quality of service and the occupancy rate.

The WeHotel system allows the hotel management to control and monitor the devices either locally or remotely, hence, optimising the operational procedures while saving energy. This will reduce the total cost on both the management and operations. Contact Shinrai Smart Homes for smart hotel solutions in Sri Lanka.

System Features

  • User-friendly check-in and check-out via HomeMate app
  • With the press of just one button, you can open/close windows and curtains and turn on/off lights, TV and music.
  • The hotel management can get comprehensive room status information and control and monitor devices as needed.
  • You can now save money on wiring, maintaining and expanding with the new wireless room control systems and customise your soltuions.


Sleeping Mode

With the press of one button you can switch on the sleeping mode, and all your lights, music, TV will switch off and the windows/ curtains will close automatically. If the customer wakes up at night, lights will be switched on automatically.

Getting-up Mode

You can now fix a timer at the time you want to wake up in the morning. This will open curtains automatically, play soft music and help you start your day!

Romatic Mode

With one button you can turn on some lights, change color, close curtains, start the music and create the perfect romantic environment.

Entertainment Mode

With one button you can switch on the TV, A/C and close all curtains and turn off unnecessary lights to create the perfect ambience.

Background Music Mode

You can turn on the music of your choice to create a relaxing and have an enjoyable time.

Device Series

Room bell

Music control

Sleep monitoring

Smart bathroom

Smart lock

Temp. control

Curtain control

Scene control

Audio control

Lighting control

Room service