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Smart Home Solution


Improve your living experience by providing your home with complete smart home solutions such as smart door locks, smart lightning, smart security and more!


The key to our Smart Home is our HomeMate app. This app connects all your home appliances and devices to your phone giving you control of your home anywhere at anytime. All the Zigbee devices connect to a controller (either a MixPad or a MiniHub). Through the controllers, these devices are connected to the internet (WiFi/ cloud) which can then be added to your HomeMate app. The WiFi devices are then directly connected to the internet and are added to the HomeMate app. You can also connect your devices to either Google home or Amazon Alexa allowing voice control on all your appliances. Upon connection to the HomeMate app, you can now check the status of your home appliances and your home security while being in the house, at the comfort of your bed or remotely!


By providing you with safe, comfortable and efficient solutions, a smart home will support you as you strive to do better in life. It will save you time for what you love and provide you with a peace of mind along with the assurance of technology built to keep you abreast with the change in times. Everyone should benefit from a smart home. As homes evolved to include electricity in the past, a smart home is the next step in upgraded living to suit your life today.