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Trying to convince your management team as to why you need to invest in smart office technology? This article’s for you.

Keep your Energy Costs under Control

Did your board just pass a resolution to go greener? One way you can achieve this is by reducing your carbon footprint. And this can be achieved via reduced energy consumption. Using smart office technology, you can enjoy 24-hour energy monitoring so that you can always be in control.

Well-integrated systems will also use temperature data to adjust electronic appliances in real-time to reduce the amount of energy used. For example, air-conditioners that operate as part of a smart office system will be able to adjust their settings depending on the temperature. This way, they will work towards achieving a pre-set climate within the building, while consuming the lowest amount of energy. 

Similarly, when it comes to office lighting, smart office technology can help you keep energy consumption low. Smart lights or normal lights controlled by a smart office system can be set to turn on and off at pre-defined times, or based on motion detection. This way, when the office is closed or particular sections of the office are unoccupied, you won’t have to waste energy on lighting. This can really add up at the end of the month.

As a result, by using smart office technology, you can more easily achieve your sustainability goals while also sticking to your budget.

No Fuss When it Comes to Wiring

With smart office technology, you won’t have to face all the additional implementation and maintenance expenditures related to wiring. If you work with a professional, you can minimise all the wiring required as your smart office technology will communicate wirelessly. It’s hassle-free and clutter-free.

Here at Shinrai, our smart office systems use an internationally reputed wireless technology called Zigbee. Via this, smart devices within the system can communicate with one another without the need for wiring.

Focus on Value Addition

As a business, it’s important that every member of the team focuses on the things that really make a difference; whether that’s directly to the bottom line, client satisfaction or your workforce’s well-being.

To enable your team to do this, you need to free up up their time and mental energy for the things that count. You also need to provide a comfortable working environment. All these things contribute to employee and ultimately company productivity, after all.

But how do smart office solutions come into the picture? Rather than assigning chores related to user access at entry points such as at the reception, for example, or controlling and monitoring all the office lighting and air conditioning units, turn these tasks over to your smart office system.

Your smart office technology can handle all these things more efficiently, and your team will have more time to focus on value-adding tasks. In the long run, labour is more costly than a one-off investment in smart tech, so it’s best to use the former wisely.