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There’s smart lighting and smart access but what’s smart glass? Smart glass is one of the newer smart home technologies on the block. To learn all about it and whether it’s worth incorporating into your smart home automation system, keep reading!

What is Smart Glass

If you want to get technical, it’s a new type of glass. Unlike traditional glass, smart glass has a sandwich structure that incorporates PDLC film between the glass layers. The layers are exposed to high temperatures and high-pressure bonding, which results in them coming together from a single, seamless piece of glass. 

Smart Glasses by Shinrai Lanka

But what’s the point of smart glass you ask? By forming glass in this way, it is given the ability to switch between an opaque and transparent state, and instantaneously, at that.

How Can You Use Smart Glass?

It’s probably struck you already, but there are quite a few places around the house where it can be quite convenient to have glass that displays the above properties.

Let’s take the bathroom for one. Rather than traditional brick and mortar, if you’ve got a bathroom wall made of glass that faces the outdoors, you can enjoy a nice view and let natural light in. Now, having glass walls rather than brick and mortar walls does come with a disadvantage: privacy. It’s fine to expose the inside of the bathroom to the outdoors if all you’re doing is brushing your teeth or putting on makeup. But if you have to use the toilet or take a shower or bath, not so much. 

This is where smart glass can be immeasurably useful. With the tap of your fingers or a voice command, you can instantly turn your glass opaque for immediate privacy as and when you need it. If you had normal glass, you would have to make your way to the windows or walls first and lower the blinds, and it wouldn’t be instantaneous.

You could also use smart glass in the living room, eliminating the need for curtains or blinds (all of which require a level of maintenance and upkeep when it comes to cleaning and mending). 

Use Smart Glass in tandem with other Smart Settings

If you integrate smart glass into your smart home system, you will be able to include it in a series of predefined scenarios in which several smart devices work in tandem to transform your home into what you need at a specific point in time. 

For example, if you want to switch to ‘movie mode’, you can set it up so that with a tap of your finger,
the indoor lights dim, the home entertainment system comes on and your smart glass turns opaque to
block out sunlight to create that movie theatre ambience.