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How will you agree with me if I say “Mood can be everything?” One might summit Mount Everest, yet if it isn’t in the climber’s mood to celebrate, possibly the 8000 meter hike wouldn’t create much of a difference in that person’s mind. Now the colorless conquering might be the; result of cold, itchy muffler that irritates or friend they had to leave behind at the base camp. A variety of reasons could’ve set this mood. Therefore, it is safe to say ‘mood is cornerstone in determining satisfaction.’ I am sure you’d now let me say the word!

What if I told you, the mood at Mount Everest could be recreated back in your living room with a few devices? I can see your smirk. You know where I am getting at, don’t you? Yes, smart living. Where every mood is possible!

Smart Homes – Every mood is possible!

It is a classic assumption ‘Smart living’ is ‘hi-tech lifestyle,’ or it is quick or convenient. Some would say it is “Safe – Living.” Indeed by all means! Smart living ticks all of the above boxes. But that’s not all. Smart living is also “aesthetic living.” It is very much ‘soulful living.’ How so?

In a smart home, all your devices, appliances and/or systems are connected to a central automation network which can be controlled independently or remotely. You can then access the main network via your smart phone, computer or a mobile touch screen device from anywhere in the house, or better still any point in the world. Yes, with proper connectivity, even from Mount Everest. It’s as simple and brilliant as that! With a single movement, you are experiencing both next generation hi-tech functionality and luxury.

Experiential living

Now that setting the mood is at your liberty, let’s look at a few of the endless possibilities.

How do you like a nut Meg, cracked and induced to incense sticks to give a refreshing aroma when you return home from a tedious and stressful day of work? You can automate an atmosphere spray to do the same with Smart Home functionalities.

A melody of a soothing classical Sithar touching the soft earlobes of your toddler, to put them to a good night sleep.

How about the neon lights, illuminating the room when you sit on the couch with your buddy for a game of FIFA on the console?

Hush, my friend! Do you hear the rekindling tone poem of Fantasie Impromptu by Chopin, ricochet off the wall to cushion your beloved. Giddy up. Open your favorite bottle of Wine, it is certainly going to be a romantic night. The best part, your better half wouldn’t even guess what possibly put them in the mood for after stories.

All of this is now possible with click of a touch and spell of a word with Shinrai smart homes. The smart cube enables you to control a myriad of devices that will support you to create a plethora of moods that everyone would fancy.

It is smart thus it is extremely simple to customize. Set your preferred or most used settings. A romantic getaway, a perfect welcome after a long tiring day or increase your adrenaline rush on an eventful game day of Call of Duty. A group study session with nice conditioned air and concentration music. All moods locked and loaded. Just a tap of a finger to unleash your favorite and while you are at it, be informed that you can mix and match too. Aw-Shucks!

Now that we’ve got you in the mood, why not use the smart device you’re using to read the blog and swipe right? We can match the moods!