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Whether you’re looking at lighting for your smart office or your smart home, Sri Lanka has a few different options on offer in the market. So it’s time for you to get savvy about knowing the different kinds of lighting solutions that are out there.

LED Lighting Vs. Incandescent Bulbs

One of the first things you need to be in the know about when it comes to lighting is what kind of lights you’re talking about. Traditionally, in the past, when someone talked about lighting in the home or office, what they referred to was a system that was made up of incandescent bulbs. These days, there are a few different types of electrical lighting options.

The main contender in the area in present times is LED-based lighting. So let’s get right into it. You might have heard the term LED being tossed around. But what does it stand for and what does it mean for you in terms of lighting up your home? LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

How it works is that when electrical current runs through a microchip, the tiny light sources or LEDs, produce light. This may sound like fancy electronic speak already. But what you do need to take away about this kind of light, is that it gives you light in a manner that’s over 90% percent more efficient than the traditionally used incandescent light bulbs that older generations are used to. This means that it’s going to consume less energy, which is better for you and the environment.

Another thing that you need to know that’s different about LEDs compared to incandescent lighting, is that it doesn’t ‘burn out’ the way a traditional bulb would. Rather, the level of brightness of the light it produces starts to drop after some time, which is when you know that it’s nearing its end.


When you discuss LED lighting, another set of jargon that you’re going to hear being tossed around is RGB and RGBW. The letters stand for red, green, blue and white. Both are similar, however, RGBW tends to be more expensive, since it offers added functionality.

Nevertheless, for most purposes, RGB is enough. RGBW comes more in handy with requirements such as task lighting. In these cases, you’re looking for clearer, focused lighting, that would work more like a spotlight, rather than offering a warm and cosy glow that is usually required for ambient lighting.

Wireless Vs. Wired Lighting for Smart Home Automation

In terms of smart office solutions or smart home automation, the two main types of lighting control systems you need to consider are wireless and wired systems. Wireless systems can be controlled using technology such as Zigbee, while wired systems can be run using systems such as KNX. To learn more about these, just speak to a member of our team here at Shinrai. We’re well versed in both and can help you decide what’s right for your smart home or office.

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