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Want to be able to get into your home more easily? Or let visitors in automatically? How about
improving home security? All these things can be achieved with a smart door lock. Whether you’re
new to smart home automation or just new to the idea of smart door locks, keep reading to find out
how a great door lock such as the Orvibo T1 Smart Door Lock can make your life easier and more

Orvibo T1 Smart Door Lock

What is the Orvibo T1 Smart Door Lock?
A smart door lock is fitted onto your door and looks similar to a normal door handle and lock. However, that’s where the similarity ends. While traditional door locks usually operate solely using a lock-and-key mechanism that requires a physical key, the smart door lock offers multiple access options. It’s also connected to Wi-Fi so that you can operate it from a distance, whether that’s from within your home or even from another country.
While there are many brands and models of door locks, here at Shinrai Smart Homes, we recommend the Orvibo T1 Smart Lock thanks to its reliability and extensive range of features; it’s our premium door lock. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the features of the Orvibo T1 Smart Door Lock.

Enter your Home Using Multiple Access Methods
With a traditional door lock, if you forget or lose your physical key, you are barred from you’re home.
It’s also a security issue if your lost keys have fallen into the wrong hands. With the Orvibo T1 Smart
Door Lock, if the door doesn’t open one way, you have other options to fall back on. 
Since it offers alternative, keyless entry methods, the need to carry around a physical key everywhere
diminishes, which in turn reduces your need to carry a key around everywhere; this improves home
security as there is a lower probability of you losing a key outside the home.
Here are the access methods you can use with the Orvibo T1 Smart Door Lock:

  1. Fingerprint access
  2. Authorisation via a smartphone
  3. A password or key code
  4. A physical key  

You Can Also Set A Temporary Password
The Orvibo T1 Smart Door Lock lets you set a temporary password. You might be wondering why you would need one. Consider that you’re away on vacation and you need to let your dog walker or a
repairman into the house. If you don’t have any family members or staff at home, then they would need to be given access to your home directly by you. In the case that you have a traditional door lock, this means that you would have to entrust them with a spare set of keys.
No matter how much you trust your dog walker or repairman, allowing a third-party continued and unchecked access into your home is not an ideal situation to find yourself in. This is where the Orvibo T1 Door Lock can come to the rescue. By enabling you to set a temporary password that you can share with the dog walker, the door lock allows them into your home to do the needful but doesn’t let them have continued access to your home, thereby improving home security.
Temporary passwords can also be useful when you anticipate friends or visitors stopping by your home and you don’t want them to have to wait outside at the door; whether you’re running home late or are preoccupied with something else when they arrive, just share the temporary password with them beforehand and they can let themselves in.