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In this fast-paced world, we are always surrounded by technology. It is a fact that technology-driven life has actually made our tasks simpler. It allows us to do most things from the comfort of our place.

There are a number of options for designing your home in the latest fashion. If you are building your heaven, here are 10 Smart House Design Ideas that you can incorporate.

These ideas will also be helpful if you are renovating your home. Let us help you add a modern and smart touch to your place.

1. Smart Security Systems

Safety is of utmost importance. No matter whether you make changes in your home or not, you must have Smart Security Systems. Such systems include wireless and customizable techno-gadgets.

You can make changes to such systems from any corner of the world. Such Smart Security Systems come in handy when you are traveling. We are now going to share some of these items with you.

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2. Smart Door Lock

Gone are the days of thieves breaking door locks. Smart Door locks use sensor or password technology. Your door will open only when it recognizes that it is your finger print or when the pass code is correct.

If you often forget your keys, you must install a Smart Door Lock at your place. It is a safe option if you are someone who stays alone or has kids at home. The Smart Lock will only allow you access and then open the door.

Some Smart Door Locks operate via smartphones. Depending on what you prefer, you can choose the best one for you.

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3. IP Camera

IP here is the same as in the digital world- Internet Protocol. This camera shows real-time footage. Just like CCTV cameras, you can keep an eye on your property through your smartphone. You can also rotate the camera in the direction you want.

Such cameras come with Night Vision Advancement. So, even if it is dark, you will get a high-resolution video.

Many of these IP cameras have an in-built microphone. It allows you to hear the conversation going on in the camera’s vicinity.

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4. Smart Switch

Who said you could only schedule your alarms and meetings? Now, you can schedule your lights, too. With a Smart Switch, you can set a timer for the lights in your home. You can even handle it with Android or iOS.

The Smart Switches work efficiently for other electrical appliances like fans, microwaves, etc.

Suppose you forget to switch off your microwave while running late for work. All you need to do is switch it off via your smartphone.

Everyone of us has once been confused if we switched off the fan while leaving home. Why think too much about it? Just look for it on your phone. Simple. See?

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5. Motion Sensors

We have already told you about sensor systems in Smart Door locks. Here’s a bit of detail about it. Smart Security Systems work on the foundation of Motion Sensors. We often find such sensors in malls.

These sensors activate when they sense motion or movement. It may either turn on the light or ring an alarm if it detects any harm. You can adjust the settings and turn the light and alarm off through your smartphone.

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6. Sensor Door

Whenever someone comes close to your door or is about to enter through it, you get notified. The sense/detect technology informs you through notifications on your smartphone.

You get notified even when you are away from home. This is a smart way to know if anyone has entered your place in your absence.

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7. Temperature Sensor

Air Conditioners consume around 10% of global energy. AC usage is also one of the main reasons for global warming. Even Heaters consume a lot of energy. We cannot go back to living without them due to constant temperature fluctuations. But we can still take care of our consumption.

You ask, how? Temperature Sensor help you save energy and money. Adjustment of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning is now easy with a Temperature Sensor. It makes changes as per the room temperature. It assures a comfortable yet nature-friendly space.

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8. Smart Curtain

Curtains opening with a remote-control are everywhere on the internet. Haven’t we all seen these reels? Don’t tell us you are not a fan of it. We surely are.

Curtains add dimension and volume to your room. But now they also add a lavish look. Using a remote or a smartphone, you can adjust the Smart Curtain. You get to decide how much natural light you want.

You can also set a timer so these curtains open or close on their own as per your time settings.

Cool, right? This is one of the best House items. Imagine lying on the bed on a cozy winter noon. If you feel like going to sleep, you can just close the curtains via remote and enjoy the noon in your blanket.

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9. Smart Plug

Uh! Smart plug? So, will it need smart outlets, too? Well, to your relief, NO. The Smart Plug is compatible with your regular outlets.

These smart plugs make your ordinary devices smarter. From your induction stove to lamps and even a coffee maker, handle all these with your phone.

Isn’t it a smart way to manage appliances while saving money and without getting up from your seat? Many of these Smart Plugs come with energy-efficiency features.

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10. Smart Light

Smart Light, too, can be adjusted via smartphone, but there’s a lot more to it. You can change the colors and intensity of your light through your phone.

Many Smart Lights operate using smart Bluetooth devices. You need to set your voice and command Alexa or Google Assistant to adjust or switch ON/OFF the light.

You can click your beautiful pictures using such lights. Change the color and intensity as per the mood.

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Don’t we all dream of living a luxurious life? Such Smart House Design Ideas fulfill our dreams. These smart ideas are not only good for us but also for the environment. Smartphone control of these appliances and items allows you to save energy. You do not need to get up to turn anything on or off.

There is also no need to worry if you leave your home with a switch ON. Add these smart solutions to your home. Along with being helpful, they also add a modern touch to your abode.

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