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The world is evolving at a rapid pace thanks to technology. From cryptocurrencies to smart home automation, advancements in tech are affecting everything from the way we live in our homes to where we invest our money. Read on to learn more about some of the major game-changers in the tech world that are going to transform the way we all do things (if they haven’t already, that is).

Smart Home Automation

When it comes to a real game-changer in the way we live every day, smart home automation has got to be on the top of the list. Many new homes and office buildings, as well as existing ones that are being renovated, now feature a range of smart
home solutions or smart office solutions that make you feel like you’re living in the future. A press of a button on your phone or a clap of your hands and voilà, the lights turn on or off! Thanks to technology, we can live more conveniently and smartly than ever! Interested in checking out what smart home perks you can enjoy in your home? Speak to a member of the Shinrai team and we can tell you all about it. The home of tomorrow could very well be within your grasp today.


Here’s the big one that’s got everyone talking. The term 5G has been thrown about excitedly for quite a while now. But what does this next-generation network really have in store for us? How big a role will it play in our daily lives? The possibilities of
the new developments that can piggyback on the unbelievably fast speeds that 5G offers are endless (it’s thought to be capable of achieving speeds that are up to 100 times faster). Here’s one example that may bring it close to home. 5G could speed up real-time communications between smart vehicles so much that self-driving cars become a widespread reality. How’s that for futuristic?


In an era where everything is going digital, why not money? In the past few years, Cryptocurrency has become a hot topic. This tech advancement is another one that has the potential to completely transform the way we make our transactions and invest our money. And it’s already transformed the lives of quite a few! Daring investors have been using its current status as a high-risk asset to make unbelievable gains by trading it.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This is another term that you would have heard being tossed around in recent years. But what does it mean? The Internet of Things or IoT refers to a network of tangible objects. More specifically, these objects communicate with each other via the
internet, to carry out tasks that prove useful to us. The IoT includes devices such as smart fridges, smartphones, smartwatches and even smart door locks. Sri Lanka too has been on this bandwagon for quite a while now. One of the best examples of how the Internet of Things is upgrading Sri Lankan lives is through smart home solutions.