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The end of the year is always about getting ready to look ahead to the next one. It’s about preparing yourself to embrace the New Year in style. And what better way to look forward, than by throwing a high-tech New Year’s Eve bash to remember? Here are just some of the ways that you can use smart home solutions to kick-start 2022 in style, in the safety and comfort of your own home.

  1. A Stunning Fireworks Display at the Rooftop Bar

A dramatic performance can be the key to success when it comes to throwing a bash that your guests are sure to remember for years to come. But how do smart home solutions fit into this? Let’s take a look at how a smart rooftop bar would operate. Besides featuring smart entertainment and lighting systems, it could also feature a smart roof; and this is where it gets good.

One of the major highlights of any New Year’s Eve party is fireworks. Fireworks are a great way to end the year with a bang (quite literally) and start the New Year with a magical light show in the sky. One way to make your party’s fireworks display pack even more of a punch is to leverage your smart roof.

Envision this scenario: your guests are at your rooftop bar, counting down the seconds; and then, just short of midnight, with a tap of your smartphone, the roof automatically slides open, revealing the twinkling night sky. Your guests gasp in shock and awe as a succession of fireworks proceed to fly up and explode across the horizon! How spectacular is that? Definitely a night for the books!

  • Allow Partygoers Easy Entry with a Smart Door Lock

When it’s a big night at home and your guest list is long, it’s a hassle to have to assign someone at home to mind the door and let guests in. It’s also not a great experience for your guests to have to linger outside your door, waiting to be let in. A great way you can use smart home solutions to eliminate this issue is by using a smart door lock.

While many of them work on fingerprint access, most do offer other forms of access such as passwords and entry codes. All you need to do is create a temporary authorised password and send it out to your invitees. Then you’re all set. Neither you nor your loved ones will have to wait by the door on New Year’s Eve. All your guests will be able to let themselves in – and they’ll feel special too, having been trusted with the keys to your kingdom (even if it’s only for one night)!

  • Set the Mood with Party Lighting

If you have smart home solutions in place, you can pre-set specific lighting configurations to suit different parts of your home; and they’ll adapt throughout the evening based on the timings you’ve set.

For example, at the times you expect your party to be in full swing, set the lights to be dim so that people can dance the evening away. When it’s time for a speech, set the lights to all go off except one that’ll act as a spotlight on you. At the same time, set the lights over your food tables to be brighter.

If you ever need to manually control the lights, just speak out and your smart voice assistance (e.g. Alexa) can help you adjust the lights. And all this can be done without you ever having to make your way through the crowds to the physical light switches.