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Considering investing in a home automation system? Sri Lanka and its architectural landscape are evolving. And one of the more increasingly sought after facilities for residences is smart home automation. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the conveniences that a home automation system could provide? But the question on everyone’s mind is: Is it affordable?

Read on to find out if a home automation system is something that can be affordable for you and your family.

What are the Costs Like?

As with a lot of things, the costs of home automation systems can vary wildly. It all boils down to what extent of functionality you want. So there isn’t a standard quote that can be provided to suit all requirements. However, to offer some sort of ballpark range, let’s look at one element of a home automation system – the smart devices such as smart lights, smart plugs, smart switches and so on. In general, you can consider that smart devices are likely to cost you about 30% to 50% more than their non-smart or traditional counterparts.

But when it comes to affordability, you need to think about what you’re getting in return for this surplus cost, and how beneficial it is overtime.

An Investment that Pays you Back Over Time

Many smart devices are highly efficient. They are built to provide a high level of output with minimum input, especially when it comes to energy. Furthermore, when they work in tandem with the home automation system that you have installed, they can save you quite a bit over time. For example, how much could you shave off your monthly electricity bill if your lights, fans and A/C’s were set to only turn on and stay on when people were in the vicinity?

Convenient Sustainability

Then there’s the matter of sustainability. If you place value in living a convenient yet eco-friendly lifestyle, you might find that home automation systems offer you an affordable and pleasurable way of minimising your power consumption and carbon footprint.

Implementing Home Automation Systems in Stages

One factor that significantly increases the immediate affordability of a home automation system is that you can implement it in stages. You can decide to go room by room if that’s more convenient for you, without placing too much of a strain on your finances at any one time.

Is it Affordable After All?

Affordability is often a subjective thing that differs from case to case based on a variety of factors. So the ultimate decision depends, of course, on your budget and the value you place on the above-mentioned advantages of home automation systems. If you’re someone that likes to plan for the long-term, then home automation systems can indeed lead to a significant amount of savings. And these could contribute significantly toward paying you back for your initial investment.

Want to get a personalised quote on a home automation system in Sri Lanka? Drop us an email or give us a ring. At Shinrai, we work with a range of technology and pride ourselves on our flexibility – no project is too small or large, so don’t hesitate to reach out!