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Smart home systems and devices are all the rage these days, and one of the most popularly talked
about smart home devices is the smart lock or smart door lock. But, has it got you wondering just how smart these locks really are?

Are they worth it? What can they do for your family and yourself?

You’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, here are some of the things that make smart locks ‘smart’ and a great addition to your home.

How’s Timed Access, for Starters?

If you want your smart doorlock to prove its worth, one place to start with is timed access. Not sure what we’re talking about?

Consider this scenario: you’re abroad on vacation, no one’s home and your dog walker’s at your door for their usual session with your canine friend. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can generate and send across a secure access code to them to allow them inside your home.

That’s not all; many systems allow you to set a validity period for the access code. This means that you can set it up so that your dog walker’s code works only during certain hours every day. Outside your agreed dog walking slots, the access code will not let them in your home. Alternatively, you could ensure that the passcode you give them has a short expiry period.

This way you can easily feel secure about the security of your home, while still enjoying the
convenience of having things taken care of, even while you’re away.

Contactless Access

Another thing is that with most electronic locks that aren’t smart locks, your visitors will need to
physically key in the access code or carry around a smart key-card. However, with a smart door lock, you’ll be able to ensure contactless access, since they should be able to use their phones to enter if

It Can Communicate with your Home!

Unlike a normal door lock or a basic electronic one, a smart doorlock can communicate with your smart home system to alert it when you enter or leave your home or a particular part of your house.

This way, other devices like your lights, air-conditioning and sound systems can be turned on to await your imminent arrival, or turn themselves off to save you energy after you leave.

Increased Security.

With many smart door locks, you can enjoy privileges such as biometric access. Our smart door locks,
for example, use fingerprint sensors to recognise you and authorise entry into your home. While
people can make illicit duplicates of your physical key, they’re going to have a lot more trouble
replicating your fingerprint.

Another way that smart door locks offer heightened security for your home, is by not requiring you to carry a physical key. Whether it’s an old-fashioned key that you and your family members have to carry around, or even a smart key-card or fob, the chances are high that at least one of the copies is going to be misplaced. When this happens, you’ll have to worry about who has access to these keys and just how secure your home still is. With smart door locks, you don’t need to create a physical key. You can use smart devices like your phone to let you in or just enter a key code on the smart
doorlock’s touchpad.

Once you experience the added convenience, security and comfort that a smart door lock can bestow, it can be hard to go back!

Interested? Speak to our team here at Shinrai and we’ll get you started!