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Not sure whether a smart switch is something that you need to incorporate into your home? Whether
you’re a complete newbie to smart home automation or looking for the next prize to add to your
collection of smart home technology, keep reading to learn about all the ways that you can live
smarter, thanks to our smart switches.

What Kind of Smart Switch Do We Recommend? 

While we have a few varieties, our signature product is the Orvibo Mix Switch Series. Speak to our team of smart home experts here at Shinrai, and they’ll be sure to suggest this smart switch to you, and for good reason!  This smart switch has a lot of features that will make life at home a lot easier as well as a lot more fun.

Read the next points to find out how!

What’s Special About the Orvibo Smart Switch?

It pushes the boundaries of what a switch can do, completely surpassing the limitations of a traditional
or non-smart switch, the Orvibo Smart Switch extends beyond being a tool to help you control an
appliance in your home – it is a powerful smart tool that can help you transform the ambience and
functionality of entire spaces in your home in an instant.
What’s more, it’s designed beautifully. A sleek and stylish exterior means that it adds class to any
home it’s added into, and it comes in three understatedly elegant colour schemes. The design is truly
high-end and will seamlessly blend in with modern home designs or lend a futuristic touch to more
traditionally-styled homes.

What Makes the Orvibo Mix Switch Smart?

When you think of a traditional switch, you can imagine that it controls one device, or a series of similar devices, such as a single light or a bunch of lights, example. With the Orvibo Smart Switch, you get so much more in terms of functionality.

Not only can you control smart devices of all kinds, but the true ‘smartness’ of this smart switch lies in its ability to let you exert control over multiple kinds of smart devices in your home in pre-set configurations to achieve a variety of ‘smart scenes’. How does this benefit you? It means that you can switch up the lighting (indoor lighting as well as natural light via control over smart curtains, for example, turn on or off the entertainment systems and so on in a few seconds. This allows you to configure your entire smart home to suit your mood or requirements, just by using one switch

Another thing that makes this switch truly ‘smart’, is the fact that it uses original ‘MixCtrl’ technology,
which affords you maximum freedom to configure the functions of the keys on the smart switch – you
can define each key to do exactly what you want; and if you have another action that you want to
prioritise later, you can re-configure them at your convenience.