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There are many reasons why you should want to use smart home solutions: convenience and security are some of the main ones, to begin with. But there’s also the cost factor. 

While the initial outlay will cost you something, using smart home solutions can offer you a big pay-off in the future in terms of your monthly electricity bills. 

Have we caught your interest? Check out some of the main ways that smart home devices can help you stay on budget each month and save a ton in the mid-to-long term! 

Lighting Smart Home Solutions

This is a biggie. 

Did you know? Across many homes, lighting uses up the second-most amount of energy, adding up to quite a bit when it comes to that electricity bill at the end of the month. 

How can smart home solutions help you keep this cost down? 

There are a few different ways. For one, with the use of smart sensors. These sensors pick up on signals such as movement and relay that vital information back to your smart home automation system. 

Based on this information, your smart home automation system can make decisions such as when to turn the lights on and off. By only having the lights on in areas where people are around, and turning them off when no one’s around, your smart home automation system can save you quite a bit on energy consumption and the consequential electricity bill.

If you want more manual control over your lighting, you can also do that with the help of a smart switch. Sri Lanka is advancing technologically when it comes to lifestyle conveniences. And one of the things that is becoming increasingly popular is the smart switch. 

A smart switch enables you to turn one, multiple or even all your lights (depending on how you had it installed) on and off and in one go with ease. You can control it by various means such as via an app on your smartphone or even by voice control using a smart speaker. To buy smart light in Sri Lanka contact Shinrai Smart Homes.

Smart Temperature Control Solutions

For a lot of homes (and offices as well), perhaps the single most expensive thing when it comes to the electricity bill is the air-conditioning. 

In Sri Lanka, we’re lucky as we don’t need heating solutions. We’re blessed with a tropical climate that remains fairly consistent throughout the year. In other parts of the world that enjoy four seasons, however, temperature control solutions to cool and heat the homes add up to quite a lot. Nevertheless, even in Sri Lanka, cooling the home tends to leave a significant footprint on one’s electricity usage. 

How can a smart home system help? Smart homes frequently use smart thermostats that help you regulate the temperature within your home in a highly efficient way. 

Imagine that while you’re around, your home remains at the perfect temperature, no matter how hot it is outside. Also imagine, that this is carried out using only the minimum amount of energy that’s needed and not a little more. And when you’re not around, that the system can reduce or eliminate energy consumption. You’re sure to see a significant dip in energy consumption and your utility bill at the end of the month.

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