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Smart lighting is convenient, that’s for sure. Who doesn’t like being able to control the lights without having to physically move over to the light switch?

But there’s another use for it – security. 

Ever thought about how you could make your home feel more secure with the use of smart lights? Sri Lanka is seeing a move towards smart home automation in keeping pace with the rest of the world.

And one of the most popular elements of smart home solutions is smart lighting.

In addition to making life that much more easy, smart lighting also provides different ways to make your home more secure. 

Read on to find out some of them!

Remote Control Lighting

Let’s say that you arrive home typically around 8 pm after long days at the office. Without smart lights, if you lived alone, or if other occupants of the house also arrived home late, you’d be in darkness as you pulled up to your driveway.

That’s not comforting at all.

Even if you lived in the safest neighbourhood, it’s just not a great feeling to step out of a vehicle into darkness or to walk up to a house that’s plunged in darkness in the night.

With smart lights, all this can change. Via a smart home app on your smartphone, you’d be able to turn on the lights as you’re pulling into the driveway, or from the office, before you start driving home.

Timing your Lights

In the above scenario, you could also make use of the timing feature that smart lighting systems offer.

With this, you could set the lights to come on at a certain time every day. Let’s say you set your home’s porch lights to come on at 6 pm or closer to sunset. That means that even if you get late to come home, your home and its entryway won’t be plunged in darkness, even after dark.

This improves your safety as you arrive home.

Being able to time your lights is also useful in another scenario. Do you take a lot of vacations? Or travel for work a lot? If so, smart lighting systems are sure to be your best friend.

Why? You can set certain interior and exterior lights to come on and stay on during the evenings and nights.

This way, potential intruders will assume that the house isn’t empty. If they think it’s being lived in they would be dissuaded from trying to break in. 

Motion-Sensor Lighting

Another way that smart lights can help you feel secure is by being coupled with motion sensors.

Certain smart lights have sensors built into them. Other smart lights are connected to a well-integrated smart home system that includes motion sensors.

Either way, these smart lights can turn on whenever movement is detected. This is handy when it comes to outdoor lighting.

If you have smart lights installed in your garden or on your porch, you’ll feel more secure. You’ll rest easy with the assurance that they would alert you to the presence of any intruders moving about on your property.

And if potential intruders know that you have these lights installed, they are likely to be discouraged from choosing your home as their next break-in target.

Need help amping up your security with some smart lighting at home? Speak to our team here at Shinrai!