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Being able to control your home with just a verbal command might seem like a thing of the future – a bit like having a genie to grant you wishes to ensure domestic bliss! However, the future is now, and nothing says it more like smart home automation

Let’s take a look at what conveniences you can enjoy when you opt for a smart home system. Sri Lanka is ready to take things to the next level when it comes to living in style, and thanks to voice-controlled smart home solutions, your every desire is just a command away.

How to Use Voice Recognition for Smart Home Automation

There are many ways to control your smart home system. You can control it via tapping on an app on your smartphone or tablet, for example. But what we’re interested in looking at today, is how you can take things to the next level, and simply have your home ‘listen’ to you. 

When you choose a smart home solutions provider in Sri Lanka such as Shinrai, you can have the freedom of using whatever method you prefer. For example, you could either control your smart home system via an app, or you could connect your devices to Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This would allow you to enjoy voice control across your entire smart home system.

What Exactly Can you Control with Voice Recognition?

Just about everything in your smart home. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Control the Lighting

With just a few words, you can control your entire smart home effectively. Depending on how your smart home system is set up, you could utter a command to turn on or off individual lights and adjust their brightness level, or even issue a single command to shut down all the lights in an entire unused wing. 

Sound like science fiction? It’s a thing of the present thanks to smart home solutions and voice recognition software such as Alexa.

Control your Sound Systems

How cool would you look if you were throwing a house party, and could turn the music up with a few words? 

You could just utter the command from wherever you were without having to move an inch away from your guests!

Control your Thermostat

Tossing and turning in bed because you feel like it’s suddenly getting too hot in there? No worries. 

You don’t need to turn the lights on to find your AC remote. You don’t need to fumble with your smartphone to access a smart home app. 

You don’t even have to open your eyes for that matter. 

Just activate voice recognition with a few words and adjust your air-conditioner’s settings verbally. 

It’s Magic, Really

If all of the above isn’t magic, then what is?

Smart home automation is already all about convenience, but voice recognition just takes it to the next level. From wherever you are, no matter what you’re doing and while remaining ‘hands-free’, you can simply make your wish heard. And your house will obey.

It’s like real-life magic. Abracadabra baby!