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In the modern era, technology is replacing all conventional systems all around the world. New technology is evolving on a rapid pace to make life easier and solve different issues. Similar is the case with door locks. The time of using keys to access your door is gone.

Keys can get lost quite often, can be fabricated or copied or may be stolen. Old conventional door locks are now being replaced with Smart Door Locks. Smart lock is the addition the Smart home technology system which has made life more easy and secure.

It is an electric mechanical locking security system which is only accessible after the authorization process. Smart door locksare managed by using of WIFI or Bluetooth technology.

We will walk you through the top 7 benefits of using Smart Door Locks for your homes & office.

1. Easy Access

Smart door locks provide easy access and user accessibility for the user. Door locks can be opened depending on the features of the system. Some smart door locks are equipped with a secure pin code. Other features include finger print scanners, or using your app to authorize opening of the door.

Other features me also include proximity sensor with is automatically programmed to open after authorization as soon as you approach the door. The smart door looks have brought so much ease in life and it allows the house owner to ensure better security of home and a knowledge of who is coming and going from the house. 

2. Remote Management

Smart door lock installed can easily be manage through the app on your phone or tablet or the home automation system. Your door can be locked or unlocked from your phone. You no longer should worry about locking your self out and forgetting your keys. Smart doors are unlocked with using a key.

Even if you are away from home, you can easily double check the security of your house through the app installed in your phone and stay in relief. 

3. Enhanced Security

Smart door locks provide added enhances security.As discussed earlier, keys can get stolen or forgotten. By Using smart door locks you get a peace of mind of added layer of security for your house. Smart doors are authorized by Pin code authorization. The passcode protection is hard to break and keeps you safe. This improved and advanced security feature of smart door locks has made it difficult for any unknown person to sneak into the house with the owner’s permission. 

4. Monitor who is coming in & Out

Through a smart door lock, you get notifications whenever someone open or closes a door. It keeps a log with time when a door is opened or closed. This is a great way to keep a check on your family members when they are coming out or going in specially with kids and household staff. All of these logs are stored in your app and is easily accessible. This advance monitoring allows you to be aware of your house even when you are away.

5. Smart Home Automation/ Integration with Other devices

This is another reason for using a smart door lock. Smart home automation is getting common these days. All your smart home devices are integrated into a simple app and connects all devices at once. Your security cameras, doorbell, door locks, lights all are connected to a single place making it accessible on a touch.

All your devices are available to operate on the go. With this integrated system you can have access to all your security provider devices at once and can synchronize them together to ensure better safety and security.

6. No more lock outs or hidden keys

How often it is that you are locked outside your door and you don’t have the key. To get in you are then looking for a spare extra hidden key, or waiting for a family member to help you get in. Now with smart door locks, you get a peace of mind of not carrying a key. You just use your pin code or your phone to access and open it. You don’t have to keep a hidden key for back up inside your flower pot or under your door mat which is very risky and a common cause of burglary.

7. Keep track of home while on vacation

Smart door locks enable a person to keep a track of their house when they are away or on vacations. With the help of the notifications, you will be notified every time your door has been opened or if someone tries to enter the house. While going on vacations most people are worried about the security of their house but by using the smart door locks you no longer have to worry about it and can have access to your home even if you are miles away. 

By having a look at the incredible benefits of the smart door locks it is better to say that these smart locks have indeed become a necessity in today’s world because everyone wants to make sure their house is safe and secure. And for doing so these smart door locks are playing a great role, it is like a one-time investment but a life time relief.

If you have not installed these smart door locks yet, there is probably no reason to wait anymore. Get these smart door locks installed right away to have access to your house while you are away just at a click.

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