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It’s 2022, a brand new year, and a perfect time to look forward. You might be looking at new services and products you can offer your clientele and newer ways in which your team can operate. But have you given any thought to upgrading your office? Smart office technology can help your team be more efficient in what they do, as well as impress your clients when you have them over for meetings or give them a tour of your premises. 

Considering that many workplaces are not back to operating from the office just yet in full capacity, it’s a great time to dedicate to making upgrades to your workplace. Here are some smart office solutions that would be a no-brainer to have at your office.

  1. Boardroom Automation 

Boardrooms are all about power moves and making strong, positive impressions, as well as, of course, getting your message across. And there’s no better way to assist your team to deliver winning pitches and impress clients and partners so that you can close the deal, than by making use of smart office technology. 

Imagine this: your clients walk in and the meeting starts. As you’re ready to commence your presentation, at the press of a button, the lights automatically dim, and your projector screen slides down into place. At the same time, the blinds automatically close to shut out pesky rays of sunlight. Everything goes silent, and your clients have been placed in the perfect mood to direct their full attention towards what your team has to say. 

  • Smart Access Solutions

Use smart office technology to free up valuable resources that could be directed elsewhere. Instead of having security guards or doormen manning internal doors or receptionists around every corner, use them where they’re most needed. Leave the rest to smart office technology.

With smart access solutions such as smart door locks, you can implement keyless entry using biometric access (e.g fingerprint scanning) or smart cards. The best part? These systems can be used to automatically keep track of who accessed which parts of your office and when.

They are a great way to offer differentiated access to your staff based on their role and authority level. This improves office security as well as gives you peace of mind about automatically keeping confidential matters more secure.

  • Automated Climate Control

Productivity levels are often affected by workplace environments, literally. If the office is too hot, too cold or is not getting enough ventilation, it’s going to affect how your staff performs. And it’s also going to be an uncomfortable atmosphere for your clients to experience. By using smart office technology to automatically control the temperature inside your entire office, you can maintain the perfect indoor climate. As a bonus, automated climate control systems can help you save energy costs by operating in a very efficient way, in response to what the weather is like outside your building at different points in time.

  • Smart Lighting

Finally, there’s smart lighting. If you’ve ever had to experience the hassle of hunting for the right light switch or having to walk all the way across one floor to control the lights, you’ll know instantly why smart lighting is a no brainer in offices. Furthermore, it can help you instantly set the mood in your meeting and board rooms, to command the attention of your staff and clients.