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When it comes to comfort and convenience at home, home cinemas are close to the top of the list of
guilty pleasures. Who doesn’t want to be able to kick back and watch their favourite movie in the lap of luxury and
privacy? A home cinema is also a great way to sneak in more family bonding time as well as wow guests. 
Here at Shinrai, we can help you set up a custom home cinema that’s tailor-made to suit your living space using quality tech and our smart home automation expertise. Not sure what kind of home cinema you’re looking for? Let’s take a look at three different levels of home cinemas to suit different styles, whether you prefer minimalism or pulling out all the stops! 

  1. The Minimalistic Approach
     If you like the minimalist approach, simply upgrade your existing TV set-up to offer a quality home cinema experience. 
    How can you achieve this? 
    Our team will devise a simple system consisting of new additions such as a powerful TV sound bar and subwoofer to add those extra dimensions to the sounds that you hear. 
  2. Level Up
     The next level up in terms of home cinemas, can be achieved by bringing in elements such as a
    small-to-medium projector screen and a surround sound audio system. Together, these will give you
    that movie-theatre feeling, right in the comfort of your home.
    The surround sound system is vital to creating a depth and projection of sound that will help you enjoy
    an immersive movie-watching experience; meanwhile, transitioning to a projector screen will give you
    that ‘big screen’ thrill.

3. Pull Out All the Stops
If it’s the ultimate home cinema and entertaining space that you’re looking for, we can pull out all the stops for you. 
Turn a portion of your home into a convertible home cinema/party den complete with a massive 4K
projector screen, surround sound, comfy reclining seats, disco lights and more!
Smart Home Automation Makes Everything Better
No matter which level of transformation you’re looking for when it comes to your home cinema
system, smart home automation can help you elevate the convenience and ‘wow’ factor of the experience. It could be something as simple as being able to turn on your entertainment system using only a voice command.
Or, it could be something as impressive as having the entire room transform for you with just a tap on
your smartphone or tablet: all at once, the blackout curtains draw close; the lights dim; the air
conditioner turns on at the right temperature; a projector screen unfolds from the ceiling; and your
entertainment system comes to life, ready to play your favourite TV show or movie.
Lo and behold, your well-lit living room has now turned into a darkened and cosy home cinema with
just a tap of your finger.
Want to learn more about how you can incorporate a home cinema into your home? Chat with our