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Wondering what kind of problems in your life home automation systems or devices can be the answer to? 

When people think about smart home automation, their mind often wonders about the little, everyday conveniences that home automation systems can provide. This includes things such as being able to turn on the lights without having to get up from your seat. However, having a well-integrated home automation system can help with so much more. 

Being Able to Keep an Eye on Loved Ones

One of the less thought about perks of home automation systems is the ability to always have your home under your surveillance. And this is a good thing if you often have to be away from home while being responsible for loved ones. For example, let’s say you constantly worry about the hours between when the kids come home from school and you get home from work. A well-developed home automation system can send you an alert when your front door gets unlocked as the kids re-enter your home; cameras can live stream your kids as they move around common areas of the house or play in the garden or swimming pool so that you can keep an eye on their safety. This is useful when you have kids, the elderly or pets that depend on you to care for their well-being, whether you’re at home, at the office or even halfway across the globe. 

 Keeping your House Safe when You’re on Holiday

When your house is the only one in the neighbourhood that sits in complete darkness in the evenings and nights, it can be a cause for concern by attracting unwanted attention from burglars. Having a home automation system in place can help you prevent this. You could set a timer for when certain indoor and porch or garden lights need to come on every day. This way, whether you’re at home before dark or back late in the night, your home will take care of itself in this regard, like clockwork. And with the control that home automation systems provide, whether you’re at home or on vacation at the other end of the planet, you’ll be able to manually adjust your lights and enable or disable your home’s security systems remotely.

Forgetting your Keys

How many times have you been locked out of your own home because you forgot the keys? With home automation systems, this problem is one of the past. Smart door locks offer you access based on keyless mechanisms such as fingerprint reading and keycodes that you can enter into the lock itself. And if you do want to carry something around that acts as a physical key, a smart card is so much more convenient; it’s lightweight, takes almost zero space and fits in your wallet or phone case just like a credit card would.

Reducing the need for Household Staff

Good help isn’t always readily available. If you’re already fairly self-sufficient, then home automation systems can help you live more independently, in greater comfort. Who needs a butler, when you can command your smart home to switch on the lights, close the curtains or unlock your front door? All this can be done just by issuing a verbal command to a voice assistant like Amazon’s Alexa.