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Running a hotel? Get with the times and upgrade your traditional establishment into a smart hotel in Sri Lanka; you’ll have a lot to gain. From increased operational efficiencies to elevated conveniences for your guests, going smart is the smart thing to do (pun intended).

Who doesn’t want to give their hotel that ‘wow’ factor? It’s a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. You can also think of it as a way to future-proof your hotel. Whether it’s homes, hotels or even self-driving cars, thanks to the IoT (Internet of things), everything is slowly and surely becoming automated to some extent. So it’s time for you to get on the bandwagon. 

How can you get started? Here are 7 ways that your hotel can be ‘smarter’.

  1. Offer Information & Service at your Guests’ Fingertips

In today’s world, we’re all used to getting what we want almost immediately. Instant gratification is one of the perks of living in a modern, connected world where many things are just a click or two away. Why should guests lower that expectation when they pay for a comfy stay at a hotel? If you want to keep them coming back, they shouldn’t have to.

Use smart mobile in-room devices such as a tablet or smartphone to allow your guests to browse all your onsite offerings (e.g. spa and restaurant menu and timings) and book the same. They can also use it to request room service or anything else they need, just with a few clicks or taps.

  • Make them the Commander-in-Charge of their Rooms

The same smart devices such as a smartphones or tablets can allow your guests to control their in-room climate settings and entertainment systems. And they’ll be able to do this with just a few taps, no matter whether they’re tucked comfortably in bed or lounging on the sofa. And rather than having to fiddle with a air-conditioning remote, light switches and one or more TV/entertainment remotes, they’ll be able to control everything using one handy and portable smart device. 

  • Let their Every Wish be your Command

If you want to take your smart hotel in Sri Lanka up a notch, you can even implement systems to allow guests to use voice control to control their in-room environment.

  • Nix the Check-in Wait Times

As a guest, what’s worse than arriving at your hotel after a long journey, only to have to wait to be attended to and check-in to your room at the lobby? If you set up your smart hotel in Sri Lanka right, guests will be able to check themselves in on their phone on arrival, and your system should be able to allocate their room automatically. 

  • Be their Home Sweet Home

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of many a business. Want to increase the number of repeat stays from your guests? As a smart hotel in Sri Lanka, you’ll have an edge over your competitors to drive brand loyalty. Why? Smart hotel systems can help you collect customer preferences in a low-key manner (e.g. how cold or warm does a guest like their room, do they require anything special stocked in their mini-bars, do they prefer a particular room with a certain view or on a certain floor?) and store them in the system, so that you can serve the guest a personalised experience the next time they come to stay with you.

  • Offer a Sustainable Service

Smart hotels in Sri Lanka are by default going to be more eco-friendly when it comes to energy savings. Appliances and devices in communal spaces and rooms that are not in use can be set to automatically switch off until people occupy the space again. And this is just one example.

  • Personalisation is Luxury

To take the concept of luxury to the next level, your hotel needs to provide the most personalised service that it can. Smart technology can help your guests feel right at home. For example, it could allow them to sync their music playlists, podcast and reading libraries with smart devices at your hotel to make them feel completely relaxed.