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As we get older, we could all use a little help in making our lives a little easier. That’s where smart
home automation comes in. Keep reading to understand some of the ways in which smart homes can
help you or your loved ones live life more conveniently and safely.

Get Things Done from Where You Are

Sometimes, getting up just isn’t an option or it simply feels like it’s not worth the effort. Voice-activated
technology is a lifesaver in this scenario.
Stay in bed or on that sofa and simply speak up to get things done.
From turning lights on to switching on the TV or air conditioning, or even closing the curtains, smart
assistants like Amazon’s Alexa will wait on your every word and communicate your orders to smart devices around your home to make things happen. If you or your loved ones are technology savvy, you can also opt to control your smart home via smart tablets or smartphones as an additional control method.

Smart Emergency Button

We’d all feel assured if we knew that our loved ones could simply press a button to alert us if they’re in trouble. That’s what the smart emergency button is for. Equip your loved ones with one or use it for yourself for an added level of safety and reassurance. It can be kept in or next to the bed and just a press of this button will do – it will alert loved ones near and far and/or emergency services (depending on how you’ve programmed the button), that help is required immediately.

Smart Climate Control

As we or our loved ones get older, it can get a little tiresome to stay on top of everything around the
home. Smart technology can help in that sense by automating a lot of things – this includes controlling
the indoor climate. Smart weather stations can sense changes in the climate and natural lighting outdoors and feed this information to your smart home system. This will allow your air conditioning and smart curtains to work in tandem to maintain the preferred temperature setting within your home automatically and efficiently, without human intervention. This way, you and your loved ones can live in comfort every day, hassle-free!

Smart Lights

Many of us tend to get up more frequently in the night as we get older, especially to make trips to the washroom, and it’s easy to stumble in the dark. With smart lighting, you can make all nighttime activities safer. Smart lights can make use of feedback from motion sensors to automatically come on when they sense a certain amount of movement in a room. Therefore, as you get out of bed, you won’t have to fumble around in the dark – the lights will automatically turn themselves on, illuminating your path and minimising the risk of you tripping or bumping into something on the way.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras can be placed around the home to ensure that loved ones can keep an eye on each other. If you’re setting up a smart home system for your elderly parents, smart cameras will allow you to check in on them and any caretakers that might be assigned to them, even from across the world via your smartphone. Similarly, if you’re setting things up for yourself, allow trusted people access to the camera so that they can keep an eye on you when you’re home alone.