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Looking for benefits of smart plug?

Smart plugs are a cheap easy alternate to turn your regular boring appliances with an upgrade. They are considered as an inexpensive way to start upgrading your house into a smart home. It is one of the most affordable ways to start building up your smart home. Smarts plugs are east to set up and start with.

In simple words smart plug can convert any of your regular home appliance with an ON/OF switch which can be easily controlled with your smartphone, table or voice command automatically. Smart plugs are simple and easy to install, and they are used to automate your home and home appliances in an easy and convenient inexpensive way making your home smarter.

Setting up a smart plug is one of the easiest things to do. You just have to connect the smart plug in a power socket, connect and setup to your home Wi-Fi network by going through the directions provided by the manufacturer. Once it is setup, you simply have to plug your wired device/appliance into the smart plug like a fan or a lamp to get the power to operate it with your phone or table easily from where ever you are.

If you already own a smart home hub for instance like a google hub or amazon echo, it can be integrated with voice commands for an easier use and accessibility. Let us walk over some benefits of using a smart plug.

1. Energy Saving and Monitoring

One of the most useful benefits of using a smart plug is its energy saving characteristics. With the power of turning on and of your appliance any time from any place helps you save a lot of energy. A common term known as Vampire power, also commonly referred as standby mode refers to energy being used even when the appliances are turned off.  According to recent study, it has been found that around 10% of the average energy consumed in your house is from the vampire power.

An example of devices and appliances which use vampire power commonly are laptops and desktop computers, Air conditioners and heaters, WIFI modems, Chargers, TV, Gaming consoles and home entrainment systems, Printers and scanners and microwaves and kitchen appliances.

There can be many more to list them but these are some of the most common items consuming your energy on standby.  With the help of the smart plugs, you have the power to control the energy you want to consume. The usage of the appliances can be limited to scheduled times only when you are using them.

You can use these devices when the energy cost is low saving a few extra amounts getting your bill slashed. By the help of these smart plugs, you have the ability to monitor your energy consumption and patters helping you make more informed decisions to save your energy cost.

2. Safety

Sometime appliances at your home can warm and heat up being tuned on while on stand by mode.  These types of devices can post a serious threat to your safety if un noticed. There are times when you are in a hurry and leave your devices turned on with remembering it.

This poses a threat of getting them burned or causing damage to your house. With the help of smart plugs, even when you are not at home you can check what devices you have left turned on and can operate them from the ease of being away. This is another reason smart plugs are getting very common these days. Turning of your devices and help from prevention of fire.  Timely turning of your devices could reduce chances of overheating or short circuits that are the major cause of power surges and fire hazards.

3. Security

Another reason to choose smart plugs for your home is to enhance your home security. Smart plugs can make your home more safe and secure. You can manage to keep your home safe from intruders when you are away from your home. An amazing and most common example of using smart plugs for security is when you are away from your home for a long time, you can turn on the lights or appliance to create an illusion that the home is not empty.

This would discourage burglars and intruders from breaking in. For example, you are on a long holiday, you can schedule your light to turn on and off on a schedule time at night to create an impression that the house is not left un attended.

4. Time optimization

Using smart plugs with your home appliances can help you optimize time. The ability to turn on and off your devices at a scheduled time can help you utilize your time efficiently. Whether you are taking time to get of from your bed or are being too lazy, you can turn on your coffee maker to heat up in advance to get your morning coffee as soon as you are out of bed. If you are in a hurry, you can leave early and turn of your reaming appliance from the help of your smart phone making it convenient and super-efficient.

 5. Home Automation

Smart plugs are one of the easiest and most convenient way to turn your house in a smart home. Usage of smart plugs is convenient and simple. As it is a cheap alternate it is recommended for everyone to upgrade their appliance to a smart home. Turn you place into a tech friendly house. Integrating all your devices into a smart plug and connecting it with a smart hub helps you use your devices over voice command. With automation you can turn of and on your devices on scheduled time and make them more fun to use.

The best things smart plugs can be used for are appliances and devices like a coffee maker, your Christmas tree holiday lights, fans and air conditioners, slow cooker or even heaters.