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Wondering what a smart hotel is? How can a hotel be smart? Smart hotel enriches the guest or visitor’s experience by the usage of technology and advancement making daily operations more pleasant and fruitful. As in today’s world we are gripped with evolving technology, it is important to make that technology utilized to the fullest to improve user’s experience.

Similarly,the hospitality industry is always looking to improve their customer experiences through innovations and additions to their business.Hotels these days are evolving by integrating smart technologies to their hotel/properties to provide users an experience which is making their stay more pleasant.

Using smart technology is not about just being tech savvy, smart applications helps ease in completing an operation and task which can be integrated to your daily routine life. With the rising competition in the hospitality industry and increase in travel after the post-Covid era, the hotel industry is looking for new ways to attract customers. Let’s hop on to see what are the advantages of a Smart Hotel.

More Sustainable Hotel Rooms

Sustainability is basically look up for the society, economy and environment.  Smart hotel can offer sustainable rooms then can be beneficial as a whole for everyone. Smart rooms can help contribute efficient use in electricity and save the cost and energy waste. Smart detectors can be able to detect whether the guest is available in the room or not or whether the guest is sleeping.

This detection can help in accessing the need and operate accordingly resulting in energy saving. Efficient use of energy. can result in huge reduction in operational cost. Lightings, temperatures and other additional electrical appliances can operate accordingly to the needs and basis requirements. This is not just beneficial for the society or the hotel owners but also as for the environment providing an ecofriendly option. Customers these days are aware of the global warming issues and prefer having sustainable options.

Improved Levels of Personalization

Through the smart hotel environment each guest is able to customize as per the level of their personalization. Personalization is a key aspect in customer satisfaction. Room lighting, ambience temperature all can be controlled through personalization.

Other smart features be included with integration to the electronic devices like Televisions, entertainment systems offering content based on the guest likings and disliking’s.  Regular guest can get their profiles set at the choice of their preferred smart hotels which are already taken in place before they check in.

Through these improvised levels of personalization, you make the customer at utmost comfort and satisfaction resulting in returning customers. A happy customer is considered as a returning customer.

Easier Access to Information

Through the help of integration of all technologies, all information is easily accessible. All important data is synchronized with each other connecting all devices and appliances. With use of different AI devices, customers are now able to speak and ask about different places to visit or eat according to their personalized choices. Other features may include integration of hotel booking with availability of rooms, availability of options providing real time data. All data is integrated into the cloud giving real time accurate information to provide improved decision making.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Interpretation and correct data are very important. Once everything is digitalized from customer experiences to the customer preferences Hotels can easily take data into consideration for effective decision making. Hotels are bounded by legislation and data prevention laws for collecting data to a certain extent to provide customer satisfactions.

This smart solutions hotel can gather logs of customer actives and change accordingly to match and improve customer experience. Hotels can work on key points which are more in focus by the customer and improve on them to enhance to customers experience. Hotel business can identify what they are lacking to improve their services and customer experience.

Pre-emptive Maintenance and Repairs

A smart hotel is both beneficial for both the customers and the hotel owners in its own way. Another benefit for the hotel owners is the maintenance and repairs. Through smart hotel, owners can schedule their maintained digitally. Hotel owners can identify the need of repair or upgradation before hand and can act accordingly. Through this preemptive measure, guest would not have to face disruption, and have satisfaction level at the highest.

The hotel staff can spot problems at a glance and look for suitable resolutions in order to provide the best customer services. These Pre-emptive maintenance and repairs can be cost effective and can save a lot in the long run. The hotel owners through proper periodic maintenance can increase the life of the equipment and appliances.

Enhanced guest experience

Hotel industry is all about customer experience. The better experience the customer has, its more likely he would be visiting again and providing a positive word of mouth among its circle. A happy customer is considered as a returning customer. By the use of smart technology, customers are able to experience automate lighting, virtual voice-controlled assistant, entertainment systems, smart locks, climate controls, enhanced security, and other sustainability features with seamless integration. Use of data analytics and AI can be used to provide more personalized services to the customer.

Improved operational efficiency

Smart hotel overall improves the operational efficiency of the hotel. All devices, appliances and operations are integrated with one another providing easy flow of information. Monitoring the supply through data and information of consumption and usage can result in cost saving of major overheads and also contribute in reducing the impact on environment.

As long as cloud management is used for managing data, information is made available in real time helping in taking effective strategic decision in favor of the business on order provide better customer service. Other automation processes such as lightings, sockets, heating, air cons, and appliances can be operated smartly and result in energy save reducing the cost drastically.

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