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Sri Lanka, nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, famously boasts for its rich traditions, heritage, culture, diversity and spices. As one of the coveted tourist destinations in the world, the island-nation is known for its ability to adopt global technological advancements as swiftly as they are introduced to the tech arena. So, it is no surprise that Sri Lankans are promptly embracing ‘Smart Living’; seeing it as an extension to their cosmopolitan lifestyle.

However, Smart Home Automation is a branch that Lankans are yet to fully get accustomed to. We understand that this is a way of life which ensures safety, convenience, comfort, luxury and simplicity; all within the reach of our fingertips. But the problem lies not necessarily in the lack of confidence related to technology, but regarding the knowledge about decent smart home solutions.

So, what is a Smart Home?

This is a home where all your devices, appliances and/or systems are connected to a central automation network which can be controlled independently or remotely. You can then access the main network via your smart phone, computer or a mobile touch screen device from anywhere in the world. It’s as simple and brilliant as that! With a single movement, you are experiencing both next generation hi-tech functionality and luxury.

Let’s explore some of the benefits that smart home owners around the world are enjoying at this very moment.

  • Safety & Security

In a country where we hear about random burglar incidents almost every day, safety and security is an area which every household, anywhere in the island, is constantly concerned about. Ensuring that your family is safe at all times, is one of the core benefits that smart living brings to your life. You will have access to 24/7 home surveillance even remotely, and neat tricks to scare away burglars, such as smart lights and thermostats that indicate any unwanted guests coming into your home.

But then, burglars are not the only dangerous safety concerns that you and loved ones face! There are also incidents where simple measures could prevent life threatening situations. Smart safety alarms help you instantly get notified about any fires or electric shortages at your home that could lead to devastating situations. You will sleep more peacefully at night knowing that you and your family is safe from the worst.

  •  Convenience & Comfort 

This is the most luxurious feature that comes with Smart Home Automation. You can control your thermostats, lighting, home appliances and even draw window shades in the comfort of your own sofa or from far away corners of the world. The central automation system allows you to monitor water spills, find out if all your doors are properly closed or set alarms to remind you of daily tasks that you might keep forgetting to do before going to work. Customization is an added characteristic of smart living and so, you can have all your gadgets the way you prefer under your roof. The best part is that, all this can be done with one click on the smart application on your mobile or touch screen devices.

  •  Save Energy & Money

We live in a world where humans have made sure to limit and number their days on the planet. As per proven data, ours is the last generation that can reverse the impact that we, as a species, has caused on the environment. Smart Living allows you to save energy that burns the planet and all of its life forms. Smart Homes are safe havens where you can precisely automate heating and cooling systems and efficiently manage electricity for appliances.

What does this in turn mean? What you give, you will receive in abundance! Managing the electricity usage at your home will have a reciprocal benefit to your wallet. You will save enough money for that rainy day you should be prepped for.

  •  Entertainment 

Having a Smart Home means, you will also be experiencing some of the best hi-tech home entertainment features in the world. You can easily make your home into the most hyped entertainment hub in town. Stream your beloved playlist from living room or bathroom. Or set it to be played when you get back from a long day outside. You can customize all your audio and video to be integrated with speakers and TVs located at different zones of your home.

Smart living helps you to enhance life experiences at any occasion. Is it date night? Let your smart lights, music and thermostats set the mood with only a click on your mobile. If your friends are coming over for a movie night, let your TV, speakers and lights do their magic!

Smart Homes are an experience that is unparalleled to anything you know. It is futuristic technology that is coupled with innovative products and designs to give you the best of what your life can offer. Then why must you, as an exotic islander, hesitate to make the choice of transforming your tropical home into a Smart Living paradise!

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