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In spite of numerous COVID-19 pandemic challenges, the year 2021 is brining you the best of futuristic tech upgrades to add more colour into your life. Among them are some of the most guiding trends that have been introduced to enhance the smart home automation experience to new heights. We are talking about the tech you have been seeing on sci-fi movies all this time!

So what are the most on-demand modernized inventions for 2021?

  • AI & Machine Learning

If anything, Smart Homes are known for their unique features of increased control, efficiency, and customization. This year, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are set to transform the home automation industry by a storm. Voice, object and face recognition is an area that will be highly focused on by the AI techies. All the new products and innovations that are being launched currently, are embedded with optimized tools and functions to control everything from your speakers to security and surveillance cameras, with increased ease than ever before.

  • Influence on the global Real Estate Market

Smart home automation has become a highly influential tech sector for the global real estate market. Potential buyers are willing to pay more for a smart home. Their main goal is to save money on home electricity bills in the long run. They have started to see that buying good smart home appliances and devices such as thermostats or light switches to be a worthwhile investment. Influenced by intelligent technology, realtors and property developers around the world are currently changing the way they are doing business.

  • Smarter Sensors  

Sensory technology related to home automation is advancing at an impeccable pace this year. Motion, temperature, smoke, security and surveillance sensors coupled with entertainment setup sensors are now being introduced to maximize the home automation experience at a much large scale. With these new upgrades, the possibilities are infinite and we are already witnessing some of the best features that are in the offer .

  • Eco-friendly Smart Solutions

Going Green is the new way forward for all global citizens and home automation has been gearing up for the challenge for several years now. All the latest devices and appliances are now being optimized into cost-effective and environmentally friendly innovations. This is a time in history where technology and environment no longer portrayed to be in clash with one another. Consumers and techies know their place in the world. And so, they are in a resilient mission to preserve nature and all its life.

The future is already here. And we are slowly but smartly learning that home automation is the way forward for our families. So, let’s go ahead and be a little bit adventurous to find out about the best of what 2021 has to offer, and ensure that your lifestyle is more secure, convenient and luxurious; all within the comfort of your own home.

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